Cybersecurity in a Post-Pandemic World

ISM is pleased to present Cybersecurity in a Post-Pandemic World in conjunction with @instituteforsupplymanagement. In this free webinar, Charlotte de Brabandt and Jim Fleming, CPSM, CPSD, will define and quantify the cybersecurity risks facing companies, international standards and global legislation aimed at reducing cybercrime, and review the best practices for supply management professionals to handle these challenges. Register

Upcoming Events

ISM organises series of activities and events each year to create opportunities for networking, presenting your ideas and sharing your professional expertise. Conferences, seminars, field trips, competitions are designed to help boost your career profile and build your connections.

ISM-HK is delighted to be one of the supporting organizations for Hong Kong FinTech Week Fast Track Programme led by FINNOVASIA. The programme aims to help you to connect and present your innovative solutions to executives of the largest financial institutions in Hong Kong. For more details, please visit the website:

As a supporting organization, we are glad to give out a unique discount code for our members and friends with any ticket purchases made with FINNOVASIA. Please private message / comment down below so that we can share the discount code with you, thanks.

Past Events

Forum on COVID-19's Impact on Supply Chain
ISM-HK COVID-19 Impact on Supply Chain Forum was successful held today. The speakers and participants had thoroughly discussed the short-term and long-term impacts that COVID-19 posed to supply chain management. Thank you all for your active participation, it certainly had facilitated the discussion and enhanced the online forum experience!
Our 18th AGM 2020 was successfully held today! Thank you for the support from our members and friends. We look forward to serving you all in the coming year.
Blockchain Seminar
ISM-HK is delighted to partner with Blockchain.News in organising the event "Blockchain in Supply Chain – What to Expect in 2020?" on 9th January 2020. Speakers have shared their thoughts on current trends and used interesting cases to explore how blockchain can maximize the growth potential of supply chain market.
ISM-HK Scholarship 2019
Congratulations to Wong Kit Yuk and Lau Tse Shing on winning the Institute for Supply Management Hong Kong Scholarship 2019. We are delighted to have Mr. Felix Lam, a Council Member of ISM-HK to present the award to them. Once again congratulations and wishing them the best of luck in their future endeavours!
Cold Chain Forum
ISM-HK is the co-organiser of the First Globally Recognised Standard to Industrial Safety of Cold Chain Forum held on 9th October. The forum was a great success and we received a lot of positive feedback from our guests.
17th AGM 2019
Our AGM 2019 was successfully held! Thank you for the support from our members and friends. We look forward to serving you all with passion and integrity.
Happy Hour Networking Event 2019
Thank you for joining us in our Happy Hour Networking Event held on 29th July 2019. We hope you have enjoyed your time here mingling with industry professionals and expanding you network.
Fredrick's Keynote Speech
'Managing Challenges & Transformation as CPO' co-organised by ISM-HK and EY. It is our honour to have Mr. Fredrick Spalcke, the former EVP and CPO of Philips, former CPO of Huawei and ISM-HK's honourable advisor to share with us his insights and experiences in managing transformations in the supply chain industry.
ISM-HK & EY 2019
ISM-HK and EY successfully hosted the “Ignition to Cognition – Re-invent supply chain through AI” seminar. We have gathered industry associations and key technology and service providers to share how cognitive supply chain technology can benefit companies with substantial Greater Bay supply chain presence.
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