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Funded by the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund of the Trade and Industry Department, HKSAR Government.

Project Overview

  • To develop resilient supply chains for SMEs to enhance their operational resiliency, business continuity and business competitiveness in light of the dynamic and ever-changing industry landscape that could break down SMEs’ supply chain.

  • This would strengthen long-term sustainability and competitiveness of the supply chain management industry by preparing for and solving both instant and stealth challenges that arise in the macroeconomic and geo-political contexts, for instance, COVID-19 and China-U.S. trade war.

  • The target beneficiaries are SMEs in the supply chain industry and SMEs involved in supply chain from the sectors of import or export, wholesale, manufacturing, retail and fast-moving consumer goods.

  • In short, our project enhances the supply chain resilience in SMEs to boost business operations and business continuity of SMEs with regards to economic fluctuation and instability.

Activity News

Partnering Organisation

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Hong Kong SME Development Federation Ltd

“Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material/event (or by members of the project team) do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or the Vetting Committee of the Trade and Industrial Organisation Support Fund.”

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